​quality control

Boise River Canning (BRC) is a mobile canning line established and located in Boise, ID.   

wild goose canning line

BRC offers mobile canning line filling services along with aluminum can, can end, Paktech and beer flat products.   

BRC has competitive pricing, flexible scheduling and purchasing ability which it hopes to allow both small and large market craft breweries the chance to get their beer into cans and into a broader range of the craft brewery market.

BRC offers a staggered pricing structure for filling service with very small minimum quantity restrictions for craft breweries looking to enter the market. 

Quality is of utmost importance to BRC.  This is why we have purchased the best quality control equipment in the business.  Don't hesitate to call us to discuss. We would love to talk about it, especially over a beer!


Wild Goose is the industry's leader in canning line development.  They achieve this by constant innovation and ensuring that only the highest quality machines are put into production.  Learn more here.