Boise River Canning is a fully mobile canning service bringing the canning line into any production facility.  Mobile canning allows greater flexibility for production and ensures beverages are canned to strict specifications.   Our employees have extensive knowledge and training in operating our canning line equipment to produce optimal products. 

Benefits of Mobility


Many craft breweries are getting into the canning market for a variety of reasons.  

Not only will canning allow a brewery to enter another corner of the market, but also increases advertising by allowing their beer to be visible in grocery stores and gas stations among other possibilities.  

Consumers are requesting cans over bottles for a plethora of reasons.  Beer in a can cools faster and cans protect beer from degrading UV light. Cans are portable and take up less space, advantages both for retailers and for consumers who want to take them camping, hiking or fishing. There's also more space on a can for design, decoration and advertising.